WhatsApp Application

Applying through low-tech pathways all around the world

How to apply

The Hello World - Rise mobile app is designed to work all over the planet, so as many people as possible can apply. So if you have an iPhone or Android device, please click here to learn how to apply to Rise. 

However, if you are unable to access a mobile device that can download the app, or if you don't have access to data to use the app, you can apply using WhatsApp! 

If you don’t have access to a smart device, we’re also working with select partners in low-connectivity areas to distribute paper applications. Please contact us at paperapp@risefortheworld.org
To Apply using WhatsApp, follow these steps:

Step 1:
Send a message via WhatsApp—like “Hello”—to the number assigned to the continent where you live: 




North America:

South America: 






Step 2:

You will receive a response from the WhatsApp bot! Answer a series of questions to begin your application. 

Step 3:

The first part of the application is all about getting to know you as an individual—your background, your passions, and your talents. You will be asked short questions and essay prompts that you will respond to within WhatsApp.

Step 4:

You will provide feedback on other applicants’ essays. This feedback will not be made public, and will only be used by the Rise team evaluating the submissions. 

Step 5:

You must complete the first stage of the application by January 29, 2021

Step 6:

After you submit your application, you will receive a message in February 2021 inviting you to participate in the Rise Challenge, a two-month project to demonstrate your abilities and passion. From May-July 2021, 500 finalists will receive interviews. In July 2021, 100 Rise Global Winners will be announced! 

Frequently asked questions

Can multiple applicants use one WhatsApp number?
Yes! Multiple applicants can use the same number to apply, but they each must complete their own application. 
Can I use two different WhatsApp numbers to complete my application?
No, you cannot use multiple WhatsApp numbers to complete a single application. However, you can use a separate number to receive communications after you complete the first part of the application, such as next steps. 
What happens if I make a mistake?
If you make a mistake, don’t worry! Respond RESTART at any point in your application to start over and fix any issues. Please be aware that if you restart, you will lose all of your previous answers and have to resubmit them. We have added confirmation messages to minimize error. However, we recommend that you keep a copy of your longer answers, such as your essays, as you fill out the application. 

Is it mandatory to complete the peer review questions in order to apply?
Yes. Your application will not be considered unless you complete all of the steps of the process, including the peer review questions.
If I rate someone else’s essay highly during peer review, will it impact my own application?
No! How you rate other essays will not impact the likelihood of success of your own application. So please be as honest as possible. 
Why am I asked to provide a guardian’s phone number?
We will send the terms of use and privacy agreement to your guardian. We will require their affirmative consent in the latter steps of the application process.
How can I talk to a real person?
To talk to a real person, respond HELP at any point in your application. You will be asked to respond with a question which will be forwarded to our team. Then, you will receive a response via WhatsApp.
Will I be penalized for using WhatsApp instead of the Hello World - Rise mobile app?
There is no penalty for applying via WhatsApp.