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Become a rise selector

Help identify the youth who may one day change the world!

Rise selectors are integral to the Rise program as they help identify the brilliant young people who become Rise Global Winners.

We are very proud of our diverse pool of selectors who come from over 90 countries speaking over 80 languages. Rise selectors have expertise in a variety of areas including Education, Healthcare, Banking and Technology.

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Rise selectors fulfill two main
roles, currently virtually:

Project Reviewer

Reviewing the projects that Rise applicants submit as part of the application process.

Time commitment is ~9 hours for training and reviewing 20 projects

Finalist Day Selector

Assessing the 500 young people who make it to the final application stage by facilitating, observing and scoring group activities as well as conducting interviews.

Time commitment is ~16 hours for training, onboarding and participating in two Finalist Days.

Can't wait until this sort of thing could be in person. I would fly out to a central city, like a Jo’berg or a Beijing or a Mexico City, on my own dime to participate.

- Rise Selector


A Rise selector must:

  • Be over the age of 21
  • Complete background checks, if acting as a Finalist Day selector, in order to comply with regulations that protect minors
  • Have previous selection experience
  • Be proficient in English
  • Not be a relative of a current Rise applicant due to conflict of interest
  • Not have applied to be a Rise Global Winner in the past two years.


  • Training and development: learn about the innovative tools Rise uses for selection
  • Connecting with peers and industry professionals from across the globe
  • Engaging in interactive activities (mixed resource games, group problem-solving, etc.) during Finalist Days
  • Understanding the complexity of issues facing communities across the world and the innovative solutions being developed on-ground
  • Invitations to insightful events with inspiring guest speakers
  • Certificate of participation upon request

Selector handbook

The Rise selector handbook provides more information on what it entails to become a Rise selector.

See Handbook

Still have Questions?

Send questions to Rise’s selection team by emailing