Frequently Asked Questions:
The Rise Challenge


What is the Rise Challenge?
The Rise Challenge is the second stage of the Rise application process. It will take place from February 11 to April 1, 2021. Over the course of seven weeks, you will complete an individual project to demonstrate your brilliance, perseverance, integrity, empathy, and calling. This includes four phases to help you identify your calling, shape a personal challenge, learn deeply, develop a solution, and make it a reality. 

For more information, see the complete Rise Rules.
Who can participate in the Rise Challenge?
All applicants who are eligible for Rise—ages 15-17 as of July 1, 2021—and complete the first stage of the Rise application are invited to participate in the Rise Challenge. 
Where do I participate in the Rise Challenge? 
If you completed the first stage of the application in the Hello World app, you will also complete Stage 2 in the app. You will access guidelines and resources, upload your videos, review peer videos, write your summary, and complete the Puzzle Quiz all in the Rise Challenge Opportunity. 

If you completed the first stage of the application via WhatsApp, you will also complete Stage 2 via Whatsapp. You will respond with essays to provide updates on your project. 

If you completed the first stage of the application with a paper application, you will also complete Stage 2 through a new paper application that will be provided via email.
How long should my video responses be for each phase?
On the Hello World app, we ask that your videos be under 3 minutes for the Engage, Investigate, and Reflect phases. Your video for the Act phase may be up to 5 minutes, as you will present your Solution.

For WhatsApp and paper applications, your long response essay should be no more than 1600 characters, which is about 14 sentences or 2 paragraphs. If you submit a response longer than 1600 characters, the chatbot will not receive it and will stop responding. If it goes silent, try shortening your essay and re-sending.
How many peer submissions do I need to review? 
You will review three of your peers’ submissions by answering select questions at the end of each phase. Therefore you will review 12 peer submissions in total to complete the Rise Challenge. 
How much time should I spend on the Rise Challenge? What is the deadline?
We recommend you spend between 20 and 30 hours over the course of seven weeks to complete your individual project for the Rise Challenge. This is a suggested amount of time, not a requirement.

The deadline to complete the Rise Challenge is April 1, 2021. 

We recommend the following schedule, but the phases can be completed at any time before the deadline.

Suggested Completion Date
Suggested Time
February 18, 2021
2 Hours
March 4, 2021
10 Hours
March 20, 2021
10 Hours
March 26, 2021
2 Hours
What is the Puzzle Quiz?  
Once you complete the Rise Challenge, the final step of Stage 2 is a Puzzle Quiz. You will complete the quiz in the Hello World app, which takes approximately 25 minutes. You will have 90 seconds to answer each question. You can only take the quiz once, and you cannot return to previous questions, so please make sure you’re in a comfortable place with a stable internet connection and no interruptions. Remember, you are not your quiz score; this is just another way of getting to know you.


Does my project have to be on a particular topic?
We want to see what you care about—whatever form it takes!

You could create a piece of music, art, performance, or film; develop a new product, software service, or business; build a social or political movement; create a body of research; or anything else. We encourage you to think of creative ways that your project could benefit your community.
Can I use a project that I’m already working on for the Rise Challenge?
Your project can be something you’re already working on, so long as it is not already complete. You must choose an ongoing project that you can expand and improve during the Challenge.
Can my project be a group project with other Rise applicants?
While we encourage collaboration, your project for the Rise Challenge must be an individual project. Completing an individual project is a great way for you to showcase your talents, interests, and passions. If you are currently working on a group project that you would like to use for the Rise Challenge, we ask that you only showcase the areas in which you work on yourself. Note that Rise Finalists and Rise Global Winners are awarded to individuals, not groups or teams.
Do I have to finish the project or can I simply present a project plan?
In some cases, your response to the Challenge will be a complete Solution. In situations where you are limited by COVID-19 or other constraints, your Solution could be a prototype or a model. Do what makes sense for your situation. Whatever you decide, we encourage you to show evidence of your work. For example, if your Solution is taking the form of a plan, make your plan as specific as possible so that we can see you’ve considered each step of the process.
Do I have to continue working on my project after the Rise Challenge?
You are not required to continue working on your project after the Rise Challenge. However, we hope you choose a project you are passionate about so that you will want to see it through. If you care deeply about your project, it will also better showcase your talents and skills. 
Who owns my project and the rights to share it? 
As a requirement of entry, you represent that your submission is an original work created solely by you and that you own all Intellectual Property.  We will have the rights to publicly share your submission, the project, and all components publicly.  Please see Representation and Warranties and Grant of Rights Sections in the Rules for more information.  


How is my project evaluated? 
First, your response to the Challenge will be reviewed by your peers. The submissions receiving the highest scores will then be reviewed by a panel of judges. 

Your project will be evaluated based on the Rise traits: 

  • Brilliance: You learn quickly and challenge yourself with new problems.
  • Perseverance: Obstacles don’t keep you down for long. You embrace the challenge and overcome it.
  • Integrity: Honesty and strong moral principles are core to who you are.
  • Empathy: You understand others and relate to their experiences. 
  • Calling: Your superpower, your passion. You care about something in an “off the charts” way and have the tireless motivation to achieve it. 

Learn more about the selection process by reading these Frequently Asked Questions or watching the Rise Selection Q&A Video.  

When will I know if I am selected as a Rise Finalist? 
After completing the Rise Challenge by April 1, 2021, you will be contacted by a Rise team member if you are selected as a Rise Finalist.