The Rise Challenge

Welcome to the Rise Challenge! As an eligible Rise applicant who completed stage one of the application, you are now invited to complete stage two—the Rise Challenge. 

This stage will take place from February 11 to April 1, 2021.

You’ll embark on a journey to demonstrate your brilliance, perseverance, integrity, empathy, and calling. Along the way, you’ll identify, discover, and solve a Challenge that you’re passionate about and is meaningful to your community and beyond. 

The Challenge includes four phases to help you identify your calling, shape a personal challenge, learn deeply, develop a solution, and make it a reality. While we’re interested in seeing your solutions, we’re also interested in how you advance through the process. So don’t rush to solutions—take time to follow the process.

Expert Lessons

To further support your learning, we encourage you to watch lessons from experts who offer advice on topics ranging from engaging your curiosity to harnessing your creativity.