Develop and Present Your Solutions!

Time Needed: Approximately 10 Hours

In the Act phase, you’ll use what you learned during the Investigate phase to identify appropriate and meaningful solutions. Read through your research findings and synthesis and then identify your Solution.

The format of your Solution should be guided by what you have learned about the context and stakeholders. Solutions will come in many different forms! They can involve a community project, development of a new product or service, or plans for a campaign to educate or influence. If a full implementation isn't possible, describe your plan and show us the work that you've accomplished.

Step 1

Review the answers you identified for your Guiding Questions and read your research synthesis. Look for specific opportunities for authentic solutions.

Step 2

Using this information, brainstorm possible solutions and then decide on the one that is achievable and impactful.

Step 3

Create, organize, build, and design your Solution.

Step 4

Implement or share your Solution with an authentic audience to determine if it is effective. Follow COVID-19 and other safety guidelines, and determine if implementation or sharing should be done virtually using the Internet, phone, or other methods.

The Act phase should take approximately 10 hours to complete. Use your Personal Challenge Planner to organize and document your ideas.

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