Ask and Answer Guiding Questions!

Time Needed: Approximately 10 Hours

The Investigate phase provides the opportunity to explore your Challenge and learn about the context and stakeholders involved. Learning deeply about the Challenge increases the possibility of developing appropriate, sustainable, and innovative Solutions. During this phase you will identify and answer Guiding Questions and develop a foundation for your Solution.

Step 1

Identify 5-10 Guiding Questions you believe need to be answered to identify a Solution to your Challenge.

Step 2

Work to answer these questions using observation, online resources, libraries, social networks, local experts, or even experts located across the globe! Create a survey, conduct an interview with a community member, or listen to a podcast. How will you find your answers?

Step 3

Once you have your questions answered, think about what you have learned and create a synthesis or conclusion. This will set the foundation for and support your solution. When recording your reflections, feel free to share your work where helpful.

The Investigate phase should take approximately 10 hours to complete. Use your Personal Challenge Planner to organize and document your ideas. Also, we encourage you to take advantage of the Expert Lessons to support your learning.

Resources & Expert Lessons