Present Yourself on VideoSal Khan

Over the last ten years, recording videos has become more accessible for people across the world.  Whether you’re uploading a video to social media, taking an online class, or interviewing for a job through a video conference, you have likely utilized this tool many times in your life. Amidst the global pandemic, video has become even more important, and knowing how to present yourself well on video is an extremely valuable skill. 

To explain the key to creating a successful video, we have recruited a master of video presentation, Sal Khan, to explain how to make an effective video. Sal is the founder of Khan Academy, through which he has produced over 6,500 video lessons on various topics ranging from art history to physics. Combining thousands of hours of experience presenting on video, Sal has found three tips particularly useful for making videos:

1 . Know your content - Make sure you know what you are talking about really well. This does not mean that you need to have a complete script, but deep knowledge of your topic will make it much easier to explain.

2. Don’t overthink the recording - It’s easy to be anxious about your recording and become a perfectionist. To overcome this, try hitting record and be forgiving of any “mistakes.” You’ll often be surprised at how great the video turns out!

3. Be yourself - Don’t be afraid to show who you are naturally in the recording. Laughing at yourself and making small mistakes can actually make your video more authentic and fun to watch for others!

Guiding Activity

Choose a topic that you are passionate and knowledgeable about and teach it to someone you know! This could be in person or over the phone or video call. As you present, try your best to follow Sal’s three tips.

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