Identify Your Big Idea and Actionable Challenge!

Time Needed: Approximately 2 Hours

During the Engage phase, you’ll move from your Big Idea (passion, calling) to a concrete and Actionable Challenge. This is a great time to deeply consider your passions, consider why this is important, and narrow to a specific, Actionable Challenge that will drive the process. A good Challenge is broad enough to have multiple solutions, but contextual enough to be acted upon in the time available.

Step 1

Start with something you’re passionate about — a topic that sparks your interest, that calls to you. We call this the Big Idea. Big Ideas connect us, motivate us, give us purpose, and provide direction. What's your Big Idea?

Example: Health

Step 2

Think about why this Big Idea is important to you. How does it impact you and your community? What are you the most concerned about or interested in? This is your Essential Question.

Example: How can I make my community healthier?

Step 3

Now you’ll need to identify your Challenge. The Challenge turns your Essential Question into a call to Action to learn, understand, and develop sustainable solutions.

Example: Help my community eat healthier!

The Engage phase should take approximately two hours to complete. Use your Personal Challenge Planner to organize and document your ideas. We also encourage you to take advantage of the Expert Lessons section.

Resources & Expert Lessons