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The application submission period is now closed. Applicants can peer review the applications of others until 31 January 2024 at 16:59 GMT.

Supporting an applicant

We created this toolkit of different resources to help you work with youth that are applying to Rise.


Think Sheets

Downloadable worksheets are designed to help applicants think through each step of their project. These can be accessed offline and printed, if useful.

Comprehensive Think Sheet | Summary Think Sheet

Attend workshops

Online workshops are designed to guide and support you through your project. Sign up at the Events page. Recordings of past workshops are viewable on Rise’s YouTube page.

Develop responses offline

Assist an applicant to develop their responses. You don’t need to sign up for Rise to access the list of questions and resources. A list of application questions is in this downloadable document which can also be used as a worksheet to develop responses.

Check the guidelines

Prevent your applicant from being excluded on a technicality by reviewing the Submission Guidelines with them.

The best resource that you can offer is you! Provide words of encouragement, help your candidate work through challenges, and introduce them to others that can help them. While an applicant’s submission must be their own, most successful projects don’t happen in a vacuum, so lend a hand, but make sure that the applicant is honest about what help they received in their responses.

Use of the resources is completely optional; only use what is helpful to you and your applicant. If you have a question or recommendations for additional resources that would be helpful, please let us know. Contact us.