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What We Look For

Looking for brilliance, integrity, empathy, perseverance, and calling

A different kind of application

Traditional applications don’t always identify a wide range of interests and talents. So we give you a variety of opportunities to showcase your potential, from videos to projects to interviews. 

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All types of talent

Rise winners will be between the ages of 15-17. They hail from around the world, and are motivated to make the world better.

They are skilled and passionate about any topic—from arts to science to community organizing. They will use the support of Rise to make their ideas a reality.

The traits of a Rise Global Winner

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You learn quickly and challenge yourself with new problems.

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Obstacles don’t keep you down for long. You embrace the challenge and overcome it.

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Your superpower, your passion. You care about something and have the motivation to achieve it.

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Honesty and strong moral principles are core to who you are.

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You understand others and relate to their experiences.