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Rise Global Winner 2023

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2023 winner

Chandra Kiran Koushik Suda


Chandra Suda is a 16-year-old researcher and innovator passionate about AI and medicine to make quality healthcare accessible for everyone, particularly those in rural areas. He has undertaken numerous projects that apply AI to solve real-world medical challenges, including treating cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and tuberculosis. He is recognized for his research as an International Science and Engineering '23 Grand Award and '21 Finalist, National JSHS Finalist, three-time NWA Science Fair overall winner, and MIT BWSI '23. Chandra founded Aimate, a STEM education nonprofit, and leads humanitarian volunteer teams, notably at the Red Cross, and other communities, receiving US Presidential and Congressional Award recognitions. His latest project improves early detection of Tuberculosis by reducing the cost and removing access barriers for treatment.