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Rise Global Winner 2023

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2023 winner

Iman Moshari


Iman's journey from Tehran, Iran, to the United States is a testament to his unrelenting resilience. At age four, he and his mother emigrated to the US to pursue a better life, where they faced numerous challenges, including prejudice, poverty, and health issues. Despite these difficulties, Iman's perseverance and determination did not waver. He is the recipient of his district's "Student of the Year Award" and was recently accepted into prestigious summer programs at Stanford and Johns Hopkins University. His Rise project, "Bikes4All," is a nonprofit initiative committed to making bicycles accessible to individuals of all ethnicities, races, genders, and beliefs. Iman values helping others and hopes to pursue a career in medicine. He aspires to create a medical practice in the impoverished areas of his home country, providing free healthcare for those in dire need.